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5 Best Food Processor with spiralizer Options [2022 Edition]

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Looking for ways to turn ordinary vegetables into colorful noodles? A spiralizer is the tool you need. It gives vegetables an enticing look when you serve them on the plate. If you have been trying to adapt to a vegan lifestyle and failed miserably, this beautification of your vegetables will be exciting, hard to resist. 

Yes, a spiralizer can do the job so well, but a multi-functional tool like food processors will make a big difference, especially when you are pushed for time or space in the kitchen. It will give your kitchen the upgrade it deserves.

Chopping, shredding, or slicing vegetables, a food processor that comes with a spiralizer attachment helps you unleash your inner home chef. You will reap numerous benefits from having just one device rather than two. 

It will slice peppers into salad garnish, turn a sweet potato into curly fries, zucchini into zoodles, and other vegetables into beautiful spirals in seconds or less for you, even when you lack the necessary culinary skills. 

Having said that, finding the best food processors with spiralizer capabilities is not an easy thing to do especially when you have a ton of options in the market. Continue reading, because we have a great deal of exciting information to share with you on this topic today! 

Best Food Processor With Spiralizer Attachment: Top 5 Options 

We spent hours finding and researching the best food processors designed for spiralized foods so you don’t have to. And, after careful considerations of the costs and benefits, these are the top five options we have discovered.

Cuisinart SFP-13 Elemental 13-Cup Food ProcessorEditor’s Pick

Hamilton Beach Professional Stack & Snap Food ProcessorBest Runner-Up

Ninja 4-in-1 Blender and Food Processor SystemBest Value For Money

NutriChef 3-in-1 Vegetable Processor, Fruit Cutter, Spiral Shredder MachineBest Compact, No Fass Model 

Chefman Vegetable Slicer 6-in-1 Food Prep Combo KitBest Budget Option

Comparison Table

Product PriceBase MaterialSizeWeightMotorDimension (LxWxH)Control Attachments/
Cuisinart SFP-13 Elemental 13-Cup Food ProcessorCheck PriceStainless Steel13 Cup + 4 Cup18.66 lbs
550 Watts19.5 x 9.75 x 19.75 inches2 Speed + Pulse • Adjustable slicing disc

• Reversible shredding disc

• Stainless steel chopping/mixing blade

• Dough blade

• Accessory storage case

• Dicing accessory kit

• Spiral accessory kit
Hamilton Beach Professional Stack & Snap Food ProcessorCheck PriceStainless Steel12 Cup13.12 lbs450 Watts10.25 x 9.5 x 18.28 inches2 Speed + Pulse• Spiral and ribbon blades

• Adjustable slicing blade with 6 settings

• Reversible shredding blade

• S-blade for chopping and pureeing

• Dough blade

• Storage case
Ninja 4-in-1 Blender and Food Processor SystemCheck PricePlasticPitcher Capacity 64 ounce

Processor Capacity 4 Cup

Blender Capacity 24 oz
8.30 lbs1200 Watts17.25 x 8.25 x 7.5 inchesAuto-IQ Programs:

Mix, Chop, Dough, Frozen Drink, Smoothie, Extract, Pulsing
• Blender Cup

• Auto-Spiralizer

• Crushing Pitcher + Blade Assembly

• Precision Processor + Blade Assembly

• Dough Blade

• Extractor Blades

• Spaghetti Blade Disc

• Ribbon Blade Disc

• Fettuccine Blade Disc

• Cleaning Brush
NutriChef 3-in-1 Vegetable Processor, Fruit Cutter, Spiral Shredder MachineCheck PriceStainless Steel1.2 liters (5 Cups)3.51 lbsN/A7.9 x 5.9 x 14.5 inchesAutomatic• 3 switchable cutter blades -

• coarse, fine chop, and spiral style
Chefman Vegetable Slicer 6-in-1 Food Prep Combo KitCheck PriceStainless Steel & Plastic

N/A4.5 lbs300 Watts15 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches

2-speed push
button control
• Immersion blade

• Chopper bowl
• Wisk

• 3 spiralizing blades

Top 5 Food Processors With Spiralizer: Why Did We Choose Them?

In this section we will conduct a detailed analysis of our selected food processors with spiralizers and try to draw a conclusion, should you give them a try and why?

So, let’s get started!   

1. Cuisinart SFP-13 Elemental 13-Cup Food Processor

First on our list is the tremendously well-received Cuisinart. Known for its premium-grade food processing capabilities, Cuisinart is a name to bank upon. Let’s find out more about it.

It’s a 13 cup set up, with three different blades, offering tons of processing versatility, including chopping, mixing, medium, fine cuts, and most importantly, spiralizing.

Similar to Hamilton Beach, they’ve made the cups with extra-large mouths so whole veggies and fruits can be processed with ease.

Finally, they come with the patented SealTight technology, which locks down and seals the blade in their places for continuous performance without coming loose during operation.

It may seem a bit challenging to clean it properly. But keeping that aside, this should be an outstanding processing unit overall!

  • A large variety of cups and blades offers a versatile food processing experience
  • Bowls and cups come with a large-mouthed design for easy processing and pouring
  • SealTight technology keeps everything in place during operation
  • May seem a bit difficult to clean it properly

2. Hamilton Beach Professional Stack & Snap Food Processor

If you’re looking for a quality food Processor with Spiralizer, then the professional-grade Hamilton Beach may have the answer to it.

This one, too, is a tremendously versatile processing unit like the Cuisinart SFP. You get an astounding six different processing options from Ribbon, Chop, knead dough to spiral, two-way shredding, and six-way slicing, meeting all the kitchen needs.

Large and widened chutes let you drop any sized vegetables or fruits for an insanely convenient outcome.

Finally, the powerful 450-watt motor easily handles the different vegetables and fruits, offering a faster work experience.

It may have slight issues with shredding, but all in all, this is a masterpiece that anyone can go for!

  • Six ways of processing make it unbelievably versatile
  • Large and widened chutes handle all sized veggies and fruits
  • A highly powerful 450-watt motor provides faster results
  • May have minor issues with shredding

3. Ninja 4-in-1 Blender and Food Processor System

At the third spot here, we have the unparalleled Ninja 4 in 1 processor. Let’s find out more about it!

If you’re a spiralizer enthusiast, then it’s good news for you! Coming with an array of 3 different spiralizing options, this one should be a fitting device for those who love to experiment with spiralized shaped fruits and veggies. Similar to the Chefman, this one too offers surgical precision in terms of spiralizing!

On top of that, its powerful and heavy build makes it a stunning item to break the ice without any difficulties, letting you make smoothies whenever you desire!

This unit, too, comes with Ninja’s signature Auto IQ technology. With this incredible technologically-advanced feature, you can completely pre-program the entire operation for the same results over and over again!

Being loud is one of the issues that you’d have to handle but keeping that aside, this should be an incredible item on the whole.

  • 3 Different spiralizing makes it a spiralizer specialist
  • An exceptionally powerful 1200 watt device breaks down the ice for delicious smoothies
  • Auto IQ technology offers tremendous convenience for continuous processing with the same results
  • May seem a bit too loud

4. NutriChef 3-in-1 Vegetable Processor, Fruit Cutter, Spiral Shredder Machine

In the final parts of our guide, we have the NutriChef 3 in 1 food processing unit. Time to learn more about it.

Utter flexibility and adaptability are one of its core strengths. Coming with a basic three levels of processing styles such as Slicing, Chopping, and Curly Spirals, it’s surely one of the most flexible devices similar to the previously mentioned Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor.

Another positive of this intelligently constructed item is the removability. That is, you get to detach all the parts one from another.

Like lego pieces, you can completely separate the blades, plunger, feeder chute, beaker, and drive sleeve. It makes cleaning unbelievably easier and thus, helps you make it last longer due to proper maintenance.

Finally, the food-grade construction makes it a safer choice for you and your family as it won’t release any dirty chemicals during the operation.

It may take a bit of time to process the food. But, all in all, this should be a standard processing unit for your kitchen any day!

  • Does chopping, slicing, and spiralizing to meet all the kitchen needs
  • Separable parts make maintenance easier
  • Food grade construction offers safer processing
  • May take longer than usual to process foods

5. Chefman Vegetable Slicer 6-in-1 Food Prep Combo Kit

Finally, we have the complete food processor on the list. Yes, the Chefman has what you need. Let’s dig deep down!

First, the device comes with a highly powerful yet quiet 300-watt motor that makes all the processing tasks easier to complete.

For those who love to spiralize their foods, this one can offer a tremendous mechanical backup. It has a highly well-equipped spiralizer with multiple speed presets and handles that can be gripped easily.

The vertical spiralizer offers exceptional performance compared to the typical horizontal ones. It comes with top-class blending performance, too, making it an ultimate food processor.

Thanks to its uniquely designed removable parts, the item is pretty easy to clean, like the NutriChef- Electric Food Spiralizer.

It may seem slightly underpowered against some large veggies or fruits, but given the exceptional features it comes with, it should be a quality pick on the whole!

  • Comes with highly equipped spiralizing technologies
  • Removable parts make it easy to clean and maintain
  • Quiet blender gets everything done without annoying noises
  • May seem slightly underpowered

Final Words

Whether cooking is a hobby for you or a serious business, food processors will always have a big impact on the quality of the food you produce. If you want to trigger the appetite of your loved one, friends, or customers by the dish you serve you must find the best food processors with spiralizer attachments.

Hopefully, the bits and pieces covered in this article have served the purpose well in this aspect and helped you get started with your desired food processor tool. Now it all boils down to your own preference and presentation skills.

Do you want to start a food recipe channel on YouTube? Just get the food processor (with spiralizer) out and showcase your creativity to the world!

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