Hamilton Beach 8 cup Food Processor Review

Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor Review [Expert’s Guide In 2022]

I will never deny that Hamilton beach food processor 70740 is one of the top-performing food processors. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a food processor with versatile options at an affordable rate? Thanks to Hamilton Beach for this excellent product. With many exclusive features, it can be a great deal for you.

However, it has some cons as well. This Hamilton Beach 8-cup food processor review will help you to get a deep insight into this product. Stay with me throughout this article so that you can make your buying decision wisely.

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Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor Review:

 This exclusive food processor comes with a 450-watt motor which is just perfect to perform daily tasks. It has an 8-cup capacity so that you can fulfill your daily needs. But, being a no-frills model, it’s not out of limitations. Let’s dive into the full review section below. It will help you to judge this product more precisely.

Key Specifications:

  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Product Dimensions:4 x 10.71 x 15.57 inches
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Item Model Number: 70740
  • Motor: 450-watt
  • Capacity: 8-cup
  • S-Blade: Made of stainless steel (Good for pureeing, chopping, and mixing)
  • Reversible Slicing / Shredding Disc Material: Stainless steel
  • Speeds: 2 along with pulse control
  • Feed Chute: Large
  • Dishwater safe Parts: Bowl, blades, lid
  • Lid: Comes with the flipping ability
  • BPA-free: Yes

My Review OF Hamilton Beach Food Processor 70740:

When it comes to a food processor, it is a specially designed appliance to help you out in the kitchen. We get several types of benefits from a food processor. Now, if you talk about Hamilton beach food processor 70740 specifically, it is a great appliance.

No doubt, some of its features and benefits will amuse you. It comes with an 8-cup capacity. You already know, there are many benefits of this bowl size.

It has enough space to support you in all kinds of food preparation work. As it’s a large capacity, you will be handling most of the food prep tasks. Besides, it will not give you any stress when it comes to storing it.

Another major feature of this product is the feed chute is quite large. So, you can easily process large-sized foods. For instance, you can try this appliance to process a whole block of cheese. No wonder, it won’t take much time to get the job done.

As the feed chute is pretty much large, it will save the prep time to a great extent. When it comes to chopping, fine grating, or even mixing, this food processor will give you an outstanding performance. But, I am not that satisfied with its slicing performance.

Let’s talk about another key feature of this appliance. It doesn’t weigh much, meaning it won’t be a hassle to move it. One disadvantage with most heavy-duty food processors is it is challenging to move them. Besides, the suction cups in which this Hamilton food processor is designed will help it to remain stable on the countertop during an active session.

I have no complaint against its power. Without any doubt, 450-watt is good enough to get the job done. But, you must be careful from overloading it.

The exclusive S-blade of this product is made of stainless steel. It’s quite good for chopping, mixing, and even pureeing. It comes with 2 speeds settings which will allow you to set the speed in low or high.

The fun part is the pulse control feature. Trust me, you will need it for processing foods when you want to bring a little bit of diversity to your recipes. The stainless steel disc is quite ineffective to produce thicker slices. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the thickness of the slice, at least not in this model.

As the speed of this device is quite impressive, you may not get the ultimate satisfaction from the slice. Especially, when you work with soft foods, it becomes challenging.

For any given food processor, cleaning up can be a real hassle. Thanks to this Hamilton 70740, its major parts are dishwater safe. Specifically, I would like to mention the bowl, lid, and even the blades. So, you will not need to take any stress for the cleaning process at all.

Let’s talk about some limitations of this product!

In Hamilton Beach 70740 food processor, you won’t find any dough blade. You can’t make a great dough with this food processor. By the way, do you love to make pie dough in a food processor? In that case, you will need the best food processor for pie dough to get the job done.

Another noticeable con is you can’t cube vegetables in this food processor. Because to do that you will need a disc that comes with a cubing grid. Unfortunately, this feature is lacking in Hamilton 70740.

Besides, you can’t process some other kinds of foods with it. If you are up to grinding spices, coffee beans, or even grains, it will not be an effective appliance. You should not enter frozen meats in the feed chute. Be careful about that. Needless to say, the same rule goes for the ice as well.

I won’t deny, of course, you can crush the ice with it. But, it’s not designed to do that. As a result, you may end up damaging the device. That’s why, always read the user manual, to know what to do and what not to do.

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Why Do We Like It?
  • It has a large capacity to handle my daily needs
  • It comes with a large feed chute which will reduce the prep time
  • It’s lightweight and easily portable
  • It has a powerful motor
  • Excellent stainless steel S-blade
  • 2-speed settings along with pulse control
  • Amazing lid design which can flip
  • Dishwater safe parts (Bowl, blade, and lid)
Take Note
  • Doesn’t come with a dough blade
  • Not so versatile
  • Slices are quite thin and non-adjustable disc
  • Not so effective for slicing soft foods

What’s Included with the Hamilton Beach 70740

Although there are some cons, Hamilton Beach food processor 70740 is a great product to deal with. You’ll get the following components with the package if you purchase it.

  • 8-cup bowl
  • S-blade (for chopping/mixing)
  • Reversible slicing/ shredding disc
  • Pusher (You will need it for feed chute)
  • A basic level of the instruction booklet

Final Words

Even though the Hamilton beach food processor 70740 has some limitations, it is one of the best food processors available in the market these days. In this Hamilton Beach 8-cup food processor review, I tried to share pretty much everything about this product.

Let me summarize everything. This food processor is a good performer when you need to handle your daily activities. It will give you great support when it comes to reducing the overall prep time. Still, it’s not that effective for crushing ice or kneading dough.

That said, most of the customers are happy with this product. Because it fulfills almost everything you want from a food processor.  Of course, the ultimate choice is yours. I hope you take your decision wisely.

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