How long can blue aprons stay in the box?

How Long Can Blue Aprons Stay in the box?

Blue Apron is a popular meal delivery service that is committed to bringing freshness to your kitchen. As a regular customer of this brand, I am quite satisfied with their service. Usually, they deliver fresh cookable ingredients along with the instructions right at your doorstep.

But the question arises “how long can Blue Aprons stay in the box”? There is no denying that customers are always conscious of the freshness of the ingredients.

“Blue Apron has the reputation of delivering your meal ingredients in the maximum level of fresh condition. They use thermal liners which are insulated and refrigerants while packing the boxes. So, you’ll get all of the ingredients at appropriate temperatures.

Besides, they have an expert team of food safety experts to ensure the quality of the packaging. However, you should put all of the ingredients which are perishable in the refrigerator after receiving the delivery.”

If you are still confused, read on!

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How Long The Blue Apron Food Stays Fresh In The Box

It depends. You have to consider some factors. Look, you are ordering a meal kit box, right? So, what recipes are you ordering? Is it a vegetable, meat, or fish recipe? The ingredients will vary according to the recipe. Every ingredient has its own shelf life. So, they will remain fresh according to their shelf life.

There is no doubt that Blue Apron maintains strict quality control procedures so that the food remains fresh in transit. Imagine, you have bought cucumber and shrimp from your local market. What would you do with those ingredients?

Most probably, you will cook or store them in the refrigerator. But, if you keep them outside for a long time without cooking, they will be perished according to their shelf life. I hope, you got my point.

So, how long does Blue Apron stay fresh? As long as the shelf life of the ingredients. That’s it.

How Long Will The Food Stay Fresh in Transit?

There is no doubt that Blue Apron maintains a strict quality assurance process before delivering each of your meal kits. In fact, their food safety team has a good level of expertise so that you don’t need to worry about the freshness of your ingredients. Insulated thermal liners and refrigerants are used in packaging to ensure the maximum level of appropriateness in food temperatures. 

They regularly assess the accuracy of the food packaging to find out any need for modification. The entire packaging process may need to be modified based on the ingredients, delivery distance, or weather condition. The good thing is, they will modify the packaging if it is necessary. So, you can always remain stress-free about food safety and freshness. It will always be fresh when you open the package.

However, you should be aware of any items that are easily perishable. Don’t forget to put them in your refrigerator immediately after you receive the package. No wonder, some ingredients are quite sensitive to temperatures. 

In fact, you should make some prior planning about the food storage depending on the weather condition or content of the meal kit. So, needless to say, your ingredients will be in a fresh condition in the box while in transit. You can always read the food safety processes of Blue Apron to know more information about it. 

What If You’re Not Home During Delivery?

There is always an associated concern with every meal delivery service. If you’re not available at your home during the delivery what will happen. I know, it’s an obvious thing and your concern is logically justified. 

In my opinion, you should try to be present at your home at the time of delivery. Because as I mentioned earlier, some ingredients may be temperature sensitive. So, you should put them in your refrigerator as soon as possible after getting the delivery. In a general sense, Blue Apron leaves the food on your doorstep if you’re not available at your home. 

However, they also give you an opportunity to give further shipping instructions when you create your account. For example, you can instruct them to leave the meal at your backdoor or even to handover it to a neighbor to handle the situation. 

Blue Apron will try to honor these instructions, but it’s not guaranteed. According to their policy, they are not even liable for any kinds of lost, damaged, or stolen deliveries if they honor these additional delivery instructions. 

Final Verdict

So, how long can Blue Aprons stay in the box? I think now you have got your answer. No doubt, Blue Apron is a renowned company when it comes to ensuring food safety and freshness during delivery. They always do their part in the best possible way. Because their intention is always to make you happy with their every meal kit. 

As a happy customer, I always enjoy their meal. If you want to get fresh, cook-ready ingredients right at your doorstep, you can always order a Blue Apron meal kit without thinking twice. No wonder, rest will be assured by them.  

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